Services created with the client in mind

We wanted to make sure that we provide each client with a comprehensive service, as well as competitive prices and a holistic approach. Rentals and installations are available 24/7 as we have made sure to be available for our clients whenever they need us. This means that whichever time you choose for your event, we will be there on time to provide you with excellent installations and will test it out to make sure everything works perfectly. 


If anything should happen to your sound system, however old it is, we will make sure to minimise your downtime and provide you with peace of mind by exchanging your equipment until your other one is fixed, this way it is business as usual and you do not have to worry about your event or your bar being interrupted.

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Rentals & Installations

We provide you with rentals and installations of any kind of sound equipment you need, whether you need it for your bar or restaurant or you only need rentals for a special event. All equipment is in great working conditions and we make sure that we provide you with our experts advice so that you can be knowledgeable about everything you will be renting or installing.