Welcome to the best sound system company you will find

We are not only experts in the sound industry but are also passionate about what we do and what we provide our clients. That is why our customers always choose to come to us whenever they need our services. 

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We keep our prices reasonable so that everyone can benefit from the quality that we provide and the great customer service that we offer each and every client.

We put our clients first

We are available 24/7 to make sure that we can provide our clients with a holistic service wherever and whenever they need us. At The Sound System Malta it is all about the sound and what our clients wish for, whether they are preparing for a small corporate event, a wedding or even a mass event, they can rest assured that we have all the equipment and expertise they need to make every occasion a special one. We will also make sure that no one suffers from downtime from faulty equipment.

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Specialists for over 45 years

We offer hire, supply and installation of audio equipment. We are available to you 24/7 so if you need any information about our services or if you wish to get started on preparing for your event, do not hesitate to contact us.